Tuesday, 14 February 2012

January's Journal Page and Very Exciting News !!!!!

Hey everyone I hope your all well. Ive been manic busy lately and what with the Exeter show, re-stocking, doing orders etc it seems im now 2 weeks late with my journal page for Kate Cranes Journal Calender Challenge, opps !!!! I can also finally reveal my very very exciting news, me and my hubby are expecting our first baby :) hence the blanks out square last month hehehehe we wanted to wait till after our scan and tests before we told anyone just incase, but I can now tell you little baby cooper is growing nicely and everything is fine and healthly :) Im 14 and a half weeks pregnant so still a while to go yet but im sure it will fly by in no time.
Anyway ill leave you with a piccie of our scan (i think our baby looks a right fatty) no small baby by the looks of it for me hehehehe I hope you all have a lovely Valentines day xxxx