Thursday, 16 August 2012

6 days overdue !!!!!!

Im now 6 days over due and still no baby !!!! I feel like baby cooper does not want to ever come out, any ideas? I think ive tried everything thats meant to kick start things rasberry leaf tea, hot curries and chillies, swimming, walking, pineapple I suppose ill just have to be patient.

Heres some more piccies from the baby smash book ...


  1. I was thinking at the weekend whether you'd had the bambino.....6 days in this heat, poor you. The smash book is looking great.

    Obviously little one is very happy where they are! Lol! Good luck xx


  2. Beautiful smash pages! 6 days is crazy. Best of Luck, hope baby comes soon.

  3. Oh, poor you!!!

    I was two weeks overdue with my first son and the day I had him I was supposed to go an and get induced. Fortunately I was able to skip that.

    We tried everything too - even caster oil. Awful experience and still no baby.

    Hang in there. Lovely smash pages and I'm really digging your tattoo.

  4. My 1st baby was 11 days overdue, the 2nd was 14 days overdue! Even lots of sex didn't work! Acupuncture is worth a try... Good luck, it will all be ok.