Wednesday, 11 April 2012

March Calender Journal Pages

Im a little late with this post, I've been sooooo ill :( I've had a bacterial infection and food poisoning on top, who says I dont do sickness with style !!!! At least everything is ok with baby and its just me thats been ill. Anyway sorry its late but here are my March Calender pages for Kates Journal Calender Challenge.

Sorry the piccie has come out so dark, the colours are actually really vibrant in real life, thats what I get for losing my camera battery and having to make do with a rubbish camera for the time being.

Is anyone off to Ally Pally this weekend? if so please do pop by and say hello xxx


  1. This is lovely...really like the background and so neat. Hope you are on the mend.

  2. Lovely 366 journal entry, hope you're on the mend soon.

    Hope Ali Pally goes well

  3. Wish I was coming Saturday but after forking out on a new car after our one died, am brokedy broke. Hurrumph.

    As for following me, yay - I'm glad you want to. Some people have been clicking the wdget in my sidebar and following via email or Facebook or you can just add my new addess to your google reader :)

    Hope you do amazingly well on Saturday x

  4. Lovely and what super contrasting colours. Hope the blue wasn't reflecting your mood and you are feeling mush happier now x

  5. OOh poor you :-( At least baby is ok - they usually are while the Mum suffers!
    Great calendar page and what a wonderful way to keep a record of your very exciting year!