Friday, 20 April 2012

More pages from Ally Pally

Hey everyone, hope youve all had a good week, Im so looking forward to the weekend. Ive had a nice week, my illness has finally done the off and it was my birthday on Wednesday, my nan treated my whole family out to dinner which was lovely and i got lots lovely pressies, hubby has brought me some art books, including the new doodles unleashed, cant wait for it to arrive and we are going shopping this weekend as he is buying me a cath kidston purse and a new journal :) my brother and his girlfriend brought me a cath kidston bag, its gorgeous good choice !!!! and I also got lots other things and lots of money which is always good hehehehe Im seeing my friends tomorrow for a second birthday as because ive been ill ive not seen any of them for over 3 weeks now !!!! usually we dont go a week without seeing eachother so im sure I will get spoilt again tomorrow :)

Anyway enough waffling on, here are a few more pages from Ally Pally, again most are unfinished and need doodling and writing added to them.

Check out these lovely flowers my mum and dad sent me last week to cheer me up after being ill, believe it or not this is the first time I've ever had flowers delievered at home from a florist :)

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